Our new home is in Kijabe, Kenya on the campus of Rift Valley Academy.  The word Kijabe is Masai for "Place of the Wind."  Kijabe is located just North of Nairobi (about an hour's drive).  At about 7,500 feet in elevation looking over the Rift Valley, the change in altitude from Colorado was very little!  You can see live pictures of the happenings at RVA in Kijabe on the Mount Longonot webcam... although its usually pitch black during our daylight hours!  Kijabe has, according to some estimates, about 17,000 people and is home to an Africa Inland Mission station that includes Kijabe hospital, the CURE children's rehabilitation center, Moffat Bible College, and Rift Valley Academy where we primarily work.  

Here are a few pictures to help you visualize our neighborhood...

This is the "Kiambogo" building.  It was the first large building built at RVA in 1910.  Teddy Roosevelt laid the cornerstone for the building in 1909!  While it once housed the entire school, it is now used for administrational purposes, and the school has been built up around it.

The elementary school has been named "Tichie Swot"... British slang for 'little learner'.  It is located right behind our house, which has been great for Faith starting school.  'Titchie' is grades K-6, all grades have one classroom, except 6th, where there are enough students for two sections.

This is one of the dorms at RVA.  Dorm parents live in the attached house and are "on call" twenty-four hours a day to take care of their students.  It is a big job and a wonderful calling as well.

This is our house, situated in almost the center of campus.  We love the big yard for our kids, and it has been fun gardening in a place where things grow all year round!

Jim has a wonderful classroom in the science building.  For the most part, his curriculum follows just what he did in the states.