06 November 2013

The passing of time

We've barely made a peep since returning from Kenya.
I will resist apologizing for that.

We are still in the process of settling and unpacking.
Our bodies, suitcases, and our minds.

Some days, it feels like we never left, because we returned to a somewhat familiar place.
Some days, I want to be with our community in Kenya so badly, I physically ache.  
Some days, I wonder what's the big deal?  Maybe I'm overcomplicating the transition.

Then I look at photos for a school project for Joel.  

And I see that when we moved to Kenya, my kids looked like this.

Now they are this.  (Not to mention, there's two more!)

I don't know how to describe the emotions that well up when I look at those photos.  

There's something paradoxical about the time we lived in Kenya.  
It's long and short, all at the same time.  
Simple, and complicated.
Wonderful, and difficult.

And for now, I'll leave it at that.  Because that's all I've figured out.